Why We do Taekwondo

Why We do Taekwondo

When we think back to why we took up Taekwondo we come up with so many reasons.  No matter our age, it’s usually because we wanted (or someone who loves us wanted us) to learn and develop in some way. 

As we developed we met some awesome people along the way through our instructors, and friends we made from classes and tournaments.

Blackbelts developed a great deal by overcoming many obstacles and conquering all sorts of challenges, and should celebrate their accomplishments.  It’s like winning a championship.  

So what happens now?  What comes after being a champion?

There’s a saying, “I didn’t come this far, to only come this far.”

When we first become champions we look at all that is behind us that we had to pass to get to where we are.  We celebrate.  

We then look around and see that there are so many champions, and soon, we are humbled by being in the presence of so many great champions - like we have here at Authentic Taekwondo.  

The greatest champions don’t just look behind or around themselves, but they begin to look ahead.  They wonder what else is out there for them.   They reflect, and realize that there is more they can accomplish.  There is more they can be.

As the blackbelt looks ahead s/he sees even greater heights inviting her/him to accomplish more.  The First Dan sees the Second, the Second Dan sees the Third, and so on.  Soon it becomes clear that everything we did in our past was to prepare us to go further than we ever imagined.  

We just had to get here to realize that this is not the end of something.  It’s the beginning of something.

That’s the Taekwondo Journey.  There so many great Taekwondo experiences that await.  Look ahead.  They’re inviting you!

I’m very grateful to Authentic Taekwondo for all the amazing experiences I get to share here.  It’s not just the friends we make in class, or the different things we learn that make us better at everything else we do, but also how much fun we’re having at the same time.  

We train hard and sweat, but we also laugh along the way. It’s like the perfect piece to the puzzle that completes a great day, a great week, and yes, a great life!

I’m super glad to see you get here.  Congrats again!

I’m even more excited to see how far we can go together.  Let’s do this!