We are proud of the Instructors we have produced here at Authentic Taekwondo.  All of them have started from white belt and worked hard to achieve their black belts.  Today they are helping the next generation of students become mentally and physically strong. Our Instructors are incredibly professional, kind and caring.


Read their bio's below.


Ms. Arianna


I started my Taekwondo journey at Authentic in 2014 and became a black belt in 2017. After achieving my first degree, I was determined to achieve my second degree because I was always inspired by the quote “My goal is black belt and beyond”, so I worked really hard and achieved my second degree black belt in 2019. A little after my second degree black belt test, I got an invite to join the leadership team and I’m very grateful that my school has entrusted me to be a leader at Authentic. The experience of having this role has made me grow as not only a martial artist, but as a person. Now that I have been promoted from a junior leader to an instructor, I plan to be the most respectful and inclusive instructor to make Authentic the best club that it can be. 


Mr. Hajeevan 


I'm Hajeevan Rajeendran, and I'm an instructor at Authentic Taekwondo. I started my taekwondo career in 2017 and got my black belt in 2019. One of my greatest accomplishments in Taekwondo is becoming an instructor. I've always looked up to all the instructors and masters, so being apart of the team is a dream come true.



Ms. Benafsha

I started my Taekwondo journey here at Authentic in 2010 and am currently a second degree black belt. I earned my first degree in 2012 and advanced into the high performance team. I competed at the Ontario Provincials and refereed at local tournaments in Ontario. Equally important is being a part of the leadership team and my role as an instructor where I get to share my passion for Taekwondo.