Teen and Adult Taekwondo in Markham

Enjoy Aggressive Cardio Classes And Real-World Self-Defense In Our Adult and Teen Taekwondo Classes

In our Adult and Teen Taekwondo program, the goal every day is to challenge your body with high-energy workouts while also teaching you real-world self-defense skills for any situation. We focus on the foundations of Taekwondo, push you to move with more efficiency and effectiveness than ever before, and teach all of our members how to embody a black belt attitude.

This class is great for all experience levels.

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What Can You Expect From Our Adult and Teen Taekwondo Program? 

We're working hard to equip you with self-defense skills that could one day save your life and help you defend your loved ones.

Using the skills and strategies of Taekwondo, we'll help you build your skills one step at a time and quickly understand the ins and outs of real-world self-defense. 

At Authentic Taekwondo, we're helping people all across Markham:

  • Learn how to strike with power and speed
  • Improve your reaction times and situational awareness
  • Learn ground control strategies to help you stay safe
  • Develop incredible confidence in everything you do

And From Day One, You Can See Total-Body Results 

In our Adult and Teen Taekwondo system, we're here to help you stay safe but we're also working hard to help you get the most out of your body and enjoy the incredible results that come with it.

Each class at Authentic Taekwondo offers high-energy exercises that will leave your muscles guessing and your heart racing. We aim to replicate the chaotic nature of a real-world altercation and we challenge you to dig deep through every obstacle we put in your path.

We're helping men and women in Markham enjoy: 

  • Total-body strength and fitness
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss strategies
  • Improved endurance and heart health
  • More motivation to train than ever before

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If you're looking for a new way to train, we have the answer here at Authentic Taekwondo. Our Teen and Adult Taekwondo classes are helping people of all ages and fitness levels thrive and we can't wait for you to be next. 

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