Why should I choose Authentic Taekwondo?

What are some Covid safety protocols you have in place?

We expect all members to self screen prior to arriving at the studio.  If they are not feeling well, we ask them to please stay home.

All members receive hand sanitizer upon arrival.  All members are expected to wear their mask throughout their time at the studio with the exception of when they are taking a break and drinking fluids.  

Do you have free trial classes?

Yes, you have access to one week of unlimited classes before you decide to join our club.  Please reserve a spot by calling our office at 905 947-1235.


What is the youngest age a child can start Taekwondo?

We accept students as young as 3 years old.  However, they must show maturity to follow basic instructions.

Am I too old to start Taekwondo?

No, we have students who are 60 and 70 years old and still love Taekwondo and train regularly.  It is never too late to start something you enjoy, keep fit and meet so many great people along the way.

Do I have to wait until the start of a semester to begin my Taekwondo journey?

No, you can start Taekwondo anytime.  We have beginner classes to help focus on the basic techniques and principles of Taekwondo.

What is the difference between Taekwondo and Karate?

Taekwondo and Karate are the same when it comes to teaching the principles of martial arts such courtesy and integrity we must have as individuals.  However, some of the main differences are that Karate uses more hand techniques and Taekwondo uses more dynamic kicks.  Also, Taekwondo is from Korea and Karate is from Japan.  Taekwondo is an official Olympic sport.

Do you offer Online or just in person Taekwondo classes?

We offer both online Taekwondo classes as well as in person.

What are Korean Taekwondo terminology I should know?

English Korean English Korean
Attention Charyeot Start Si Jak
Bow Kyung Ye Return to Ready Baro
Ready Joonbi Relax Shiuh
Uniform Dobok Training Hall Dojang
Master  Kwan Jang Nim Instructor Sa Buhm Nim
Horse Stance Chuchoom Saghi Front Stance Apkubi
Back Stance Duikubi Stop Geumon


What do I need to know for my upcoming colour belt test?