The Authentic Taekwondo Journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with interest and curiosity: the proverbial single stride that grows over time and drives us forward. With consistent effort and desire the beginner student finds ways to enjoy every moment of the journey, not rushing to arrive to a single destination, but realizing there are  multiple goals stretched over a never ending learning experience. The true martial artist understands that success and happiness comes from studying the discipline, the skills and knowledge gains, the experiences, the friendships and, ultimately, the legacy we leave behind. Authentic Martial Arts offers a little bit of everything – and also the satisfaction to know that the journey continues.


When you join Authentic, you become part of a family of martial artists who are passionate and care deeply about your development.  Although, the ultimate goal of every novice student is black belt, there are many other accomplishments along the way  Improved cardiovascular health, better range of motion and flexibility, renewed self esteem and a strong bond with people in your class.  The journey is long and arduous but in the end, we can all look back and see a brand new person with new goals and accomplishments on the horizon.  


Thank you for being on this journey with us.  It is my honor to share the passion of martial arts with you and hope that the lessons and experiences you have with us will serve you well in all your endeavors! 


Sincerely Master Akmal Farah